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“What good is fashion unless it stirs up genuine emotion! Love and beauty have a magical, tranformative power.”


Sue Wong understands this power. In her outlook and in her designs, she honors the goddess force — the universal feminine energy that allows women to transcend their time and place. Capturing that spirit with accessible designs of exceptional glamour and beauty, Sue Wong has found a calling she revels in, as couturier to every woman. 


Her designs are as timeless as they are romantic. Flattering, lyrical, Sue Wong’s fashions work a kind of magic; drawing on a potion of mystique and seduction, the clothes take on a power of their own. “When a woman puts on Sue Wong, I want to bring out her most confident and feminine self. I strive for that alchemy, where the romance of the clothing transforms a woman into a goddess — an emissary of beauty. It’s akin to the special feeling we all had as little girls when we first tried on our mother’s or a loved one’s best garment or jewelry and saw ourselves redefined.”


Alluring and evocative, a Sue Wong design often echoes period style while remaining modern and utterly of the moment. Whether suffused with the sensuous Hollywood glamour of her muses —- Garbo, Dietrich, Lombard — or steeped in the mystery of a Moroccan seraglio, her creations teem with romance. There is a restrained opulence to everything that emerges from the Sue Wong atelier. Soft chiffon drapes with a decadent nonchalance. A bouquet of hand-beaded and embroidered florets swirls in place. A classic silhouette moves with a flirtatious lilt. Across the collection, fresh, light-hearted design complements bold, dramatic beauty in beguiling ways.


The house of Sue Wong is known for technical excellence as well as ornate and intricate detailing. Her garments are meticulously and lovingly hand-beaded, embroidered and finished by true artisans, employing techniques that were once only practiced in the couture houses of Europe. Her attention to detail and her garment cut are unsurpassed by her competitors. 


As the vivacious and captivating Sue Wong herself proclaims:

“I am a maximalist.” 


“I gravitate toward a fantasy aesthetic in how women present themselves, with a refreshing, modern frankness, because it’s the opposite of what I grew up with.”, was added. An immediate success, it remains her signature collection. 


Consistent best-sellers and objects of obsession in the rarefied world of fine dresses and evening wear, the Sue Wong collections are sold at specialty boutiques and the finest retailers throughout the U.S. These include Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Lord and Taylor, and Macy’s. Her garments are available in more than 25 countries.

Sue Wong Fashion
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